Restorers Relational Movement

To know him and make him known being sent by God across generations and communities-knitting together one family.
Each reach one to be born again and belong again in one family across generations, discipling, celebrating and sent out to disciple the city.
Born Again To Belong Again
Our Story
Dr Lalith Mendis graduated from Colombo Medical Faculty as the first in his batch in 1976 and was the Registrar to the Professor of Medicine, Colombo. Hiranthi Mendis graduated from Law College of Sri Lanka in 1975 with first class Honours. She was enrolled as an Attorney at Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. They were supernaturally called to the ministry in 1981.

On the 24th July 1978, Hiranthi was raised from death. This made them to know their life is not their own. In 1981 God called them both out of their Professions to pioneer an Indigenous Christian Movement which has now spread to every Administrative District of Sri Lanka, with a vibrant congregation of Professionals & Businessmen in the Capital city of Colombo.

They began ministry in a mud hut in rural Sri Lanka, trusting daily for their needs with their daughter who was then only 2 years old – now a medical academic herself. The Lord moved supernaturally & powerfully with a ministry of signs & wonders – casting out demons & Power Confrontation was the basis of their advance of the Kingdom as they ministered. The Lord caused many men of Peace, as in Luke 10:6, to be added to them as sons of faith, who minister together with them all over Sri Lanka in over 50+ assemblies in an apostolic pattern.

The Lord taught intercession to Hiranthi in the grueling prayer battles in villages & cities in the backdrop of Sri Lanka’s tragic civil war. In the course of their ministry, God used Dr Lalith & Hiranthi to meet & minister to every Head of State in Sri Lanka since 1992. They conduct a Prayer Parliament every month at their Glory House campsite. Hiranthi’s weekly prayer meeting on Thursday is titled “Kingdom Ladies Business Meeting” (KLBM) This has continued unabated since 2000. They meet for camptime 4 times a year in their own ten acre campsite in Sri Lanka.

Lalith & Hiranthi have ministered on “governing a nation in prayer” and “Breaking Barriers through prayer and intercession” & other topics in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Canada, UK, Germany, and Australia. Hiranthi and Lalith are effectively supported in their ministry, by their daughter Hiranthini and her husband Jehan, a medical doctor himself. They are blessed with two precious grand children, Nathan and Danica.

They work closely with a Presbytery of Urban & Rural Elders drawn from Sri Lanka’s Ethnic Mix. They oversee the work of the Lord in Sri Lanka, which has spread to every province of our beautiful island. Serving with sons in the faith is their emphasis. They have a passion to restore father-son relationships in the church. Signs and wonders have attended their ministry wherever they went. They carry a sense of the Lord’s presence. In their own beloved Sri Lanka they convene an annual Apostolic Summit to which many senior ministers of the nation come. They administer a Prayer Campus used as a Glory House to bring in God’s Glory to nations. People from other nations have begun to visit this Glory House to be refreshed in the Lord.

Lalith & Hiranthi have a vital ministry to Senior Decision Makers in their country, and some worship in their assemblies. They have authored many books including a seminal work, Governance of Nations, Forward Defence Line, Bride & Beast Battles, Jesus our Prize.

Our Network of Churches
We came into being in 1981 with the call of our senior ministers Dr Lalith & Hiranthi Mendis. We carry forward a legacy we received from our founder mentors – the late Justice Malcolm Perera and our late parents Dannister & Lily Mendis and Harold & Patricia Jayewickreme.
Our ministry commenced in Gonawala, Kelaniya but the base soon shifted to Colombo. The Colombo Congregation of Professionals, Businessmen & others form the financial support base of the ministry. They vitally relate to Sinhala & Tamil speaking assemblies islandwide helping in nurture, discipleship & management.
We have sought to develop an indigenous expression of Christianity islandwide in our assemblies while being well integrated racially, socially, culturally & spiritually.
Being One Family in Christ was are emphasis. Assemblies minister in all Nine Provinces of Sri Lanka.

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