About Us

Dr Lalith Mendis is the Founder Director of the Empathic Learning Centre, Colombo and was (formerly) Registrar, Dept of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Colombo & Head of Dept of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Kelaniya. Being a Gold Medalist from Colombo Medical Faculty, in Medicine, Pathology & Pharmacology – Dr Lalith topped his batch on graduation. He has researched the effect of digital overuse on children & youth and developed empathic therapies to reverse inattention, impulsivity & hyperactivity.

Dr Mendis hosts the monthly Digital Forum at his centre and has delivered lectures & conducted seminars on this theme in leading schools & Corporates in Colombo. He has also lectured in Germany, Malaysia & UK. Author of five books on the topic, his books Right Learning & Recovering Childhood, Children Our Heritage & Let the Children Come to Me are in their second print. His books are available from all major bookstores in Colombo. His latest book “Parenting Heart & Brain – in an age of digital domination” has a preface from the former Dean of the Medical faculty of Colombo. “I have been seeing children affected by too much cartoon abuse. This is not about ADHD but normal children with agitation & hyperactivity & inattention in studies”.

Lalith & Hiranthi Mendis live in Sri Lanka. Lalith, a medical doctor and Hiranthi, a lawyer by profession responded to the call of God, to lay down their lives in being ambassadors of Christ to their people in their beloved Sri Lanka. In their tenure of ministry, they have met with five heads of state. Their books are born out of their prayer experience in their nation. They have ministered in UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia and many other nations. Author of several books – Prayer Governance, Heaven Born House, Bethlehem – Battle, Beauty & Blessing, Lalith draws out precious insight from the romance of Bethlehem, for the battles of the End Times.

I knew that I was entering one of those historic places where God’s people have established a place of refuge, yet experience tremendous spiritual power in united prayer for nations and peoples. (On his visit to Camp site). John Dawson – Founder/Director International Reconciliation Coalition.